The PCPR Team

Board Members

We have a nine person board, that board is made up of several veteran members and a few fresh faces as well! 

Chairman, Phil Matthews Wheatland member since 2013

Vice Chairman, Ron Lockhart Glendo member since 2003

Secretary, Tiffany Dean Wheatland member since 2015

Treasurer, Eric Jones, Wheatland member since 2016

Brian Larson, Wheatland member since 2006

Brian Currier, Chugwater member since 2008

Eric Marlatt, Chugwater member since 2016

Dana Sanborn, Glendo member since 2009

Josh Sandlian, Platte County School District #1 Liason since 2017


Steven J. Pollock:

After retiring from a 33 year employment as a Teacher, Coach, and Athletic Director with Platte County School District #1 he chose to transition from his 20 plus years on the Platte County Parks and Recreation Board of Directors into our PCPR Director position. Steve and his wife, Carolie have been married for 26 years and have been busy raising their five wonderful children. Steve earned his Bachelor's of Science in Physical Education with Minors in Health, Business, and Coaching from North Dakota State University. He also obtained a Master's Degree from the University of Wyoming in Educational Administration. Steve's Interests lie in sports, coaching, and most outdoor activities.

M. L. Kassidy O'Harrow:

Kassidy was born and raised in Wheatland, Wyoming. She was brought up in these same Parks and Recreation programs, giving her a passion to see them thrive. She is raising two little boys in Wheatland and keeps them involved in all she can. Kassidy does the accounting for the district along with assisting in the program coordinating. 

Whitney M. Jenkins:

Whitney Jenkins is our Program Coordinator.  She was born and raised in Wheatland, Wyoming.  Whitney has always had a passion for sports and children as well as the outdoors.  She is pursuing a degree in Professional Child Development through the University of Wyoming.  She has a four-year-old daughter whom stays active in the activities the Platte County Parks & Recreation has to offer.  

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