Local Pitch, Hit, & Run Competitions: PCPR will host a local Pitch, Hit, and Run competition. Date and time: TBD. Look for registration forms and notices at schools and on our media sites. Open to ages 7-14 as of July 17 of current year. Baseball and softball divisions. Contact our office for additional information. Cancelled for 2020

Baseball Clinic: (PCPR)

3:45PM-5:00PM Monday and Tuesday, May 3rd & 4th, 2021 at the West Elementary Minor League Fields

The fee is included in your Parks and Rec baseball or softball registration, $10 for players who are NOT playing Parks and Recreation baseball or softball this season. Bring glove and baseball shoes. 

Farm League:  (PCPR)

Beginning in June (3-4 week program).

Our Farm League program is designed to be non-competitive. Focus will be on skill development of throwing, catching, fielding, base-running, and positioning. Players will practice batting using a batting tee, underhand pitch, and side toss. Modified games will be played against other teams. 

Games and practices will be scheduled during mornings and evenings to accommodate work schedules. 

Parent volunteers are needed. Travel for games to Glendo, Guernsey, and Chugwater may be required.

Minor League : (PCPR)

May-July. Minor league is an adult coached league for children ages 7-9 by August 31, 2021. This is designed to be a semi-competitive league using modified baseball rules to assist player development.

Practices are scheduled by the coaches. Games are scheduled by PCPR department and held at the West Elementary Minor League Field in the late afternoon-early evening. 

Travel for games may be required to Glendo, Guernsey, and Chugwater.

Little League: (Platte County Youth Baseball)

April-July. Ages 9-12. Parent run organization.

Legion: (Legion Board)

April-July. Ages 13-19. Parent run organization. Contact Beth Douglas 307-331-1548.

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